Whats The Rule Of Thumb For Bath/Shower Valve Hight

You are repairing or installing a shower for your bathroom, and wondering how it would fit. There are many aspects to consider when purchasing furniture for bathing as materials, dimensions, installation methods, tools, etc. 

The positions of faucet and valve are of fundamental importance, resulting in consumers the satisfaction and ease of operation. But there is no certain height standard that customers can apply, and they have to pay money for an installer. So What’s The Rule Of Thumb For Bath/Shower Valve Hight? will give you some pieces of advice! Don’t miss this!

Difficulty in shower valve height measuring visually  

If you are living alone, I suppose you will prefer a shower that pleases you the most. But what if you live in a family with both the elderly and children?

The high-mounted shower, plus an active and curious child, is likely to result in an unpredictable head bump. 

The tallest member in the house must bend over to be able to use the spout and adjust the water volume and water temperature.

The elderly with osteoporosis have difficulty in standing. Most elderly may bring a chair into the bathroom, and bathing will be more fluid because they do not have to struggle standing but comfortably sit in chairs. This also makes it strenuous for the person who set the valve as he has no idea how high their chairs are.

What’s the rule of thumb for bath/shower valve height?

The bath height is determined by several demands or additional requirements of the bathers such as the comfortable movement of body parts when taking a shower. That’s why we should pay more attention to the shower valve height before setting.

The most suitable height would be a few inches taller than the owners. There are usually about 3 inches between the top of the head and the spout. 

The extent of your head and the shower shouldn’t be too tall unless you are lazy to move your limbs and have no demands to experience various spray patterns that the spout includes.

Standard shower valve height

So, what is the standard spout height? The standard shower valve height is 80 inches (6’8’’ feet) from the floor to the spout. The range is from 72 inches to 96 inches according to the owners’ height and placement. However, the showers are typically installed at the height of 78” or 72” inches.

Aside from the standard height, the shower height continually adjusts upon such objective or subjective conditions as personal needs, preferences, and bathroom areas.

In a household, the shower height can range from 72” inches to 96” inches high. It should be taller than the tallest person in your family and in reach of your kids as well. Don’t calculate your children’s height into the shower height as they will grow up.

Governments have built the spout height over the standard 80” inches in public places like commercial buildings, offices, guest houses, hotels, parks, etc, where people either tall or short are welcome. You never determine when a sports player or a model has hygiene needs and goes to a park to take a shower. 

Because of the unforeseeable customers, almost all hotels have installed handheld showerheads instead of valves with adjustable shower length and easy handling. Their clients could injure themselves while showering by sharp corners of the valves, and the compensation is not in favor of anyone.

In the nutshell

There are many elements to a shower fitting as a user, residence, material, affordability, etc. But it is not hard to set yourself a spout that suits you if you have those factors under control. 

Each type of shower suits each person like handheld showerheads for objects of uncommon height. So you can choose not only the length but also the kind of valve.

What’s The Rule Of Thumb For Bath/Shower Valve Hight? have made a list of multiple heights of shower valves for many conditions that you refer to after. Your family and you will get a great bathing experience if you refer to this rule of thumb, and your guest, too.

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