Difference Between Mobile Home Water Heater and Regular Water Heater

Getting a new water heater for your home can be a little bit difficult, especially if you are in search of the best. This is because there are thousands of water heaters in that market today and differentiating one product from another can be a task you would spend an extended period doing.

However, one of those things you must have a full understanding about is the difference between a mobile home water heater and a regular water heater. Many users usually refer to these two systems as the same. Knowing what differentiates these two products would do a lot of benefits when choosing a water heater for your home.

What is a mobile home water heater?

Mobile home water heaters are also known as a manufactured home water heaters. This water heater refers to a compact living space device that is meant for people and family who are on the move. This water heater came into existence with the National Manufacturing Housing Construction and Safety Act of 1974 in the United States.

These types of water heater are referred to as the standard ones for mobile homes. As a result of this, the US Department of Housing and Urban Development laid down some set of standards for a water heater to be regarded as a mobile home water heater.

Some of the rules include. One of the significant standards states that only HUD-approved water heaters will be used. And the water heaters that meet the HUD standards must have some of these characteristics.

  • Must have a non-adjustable temperature and pressure relief (TPR) valve.
  • It is approved by a significant national rating agency as compliant with HUD standards for energy efficiency.
  • A corrosion resistant catch pan and drain to the exterior necessary under the water heater.
  • Water heater required to be secured in place, usually by a strap system.
  • Most of the time side plumbed for cold water inlet.

What are the differences?

Why many users of these products make mistakes distinguishing between the two is that both looks literally alike and sometimes perform the same functions with each other. However, there are three main differences between these two units.

These are:

1. One of the significant differences between these two water heaters is that the mobile home water heater combines both propane and gas power to produce efficient heated water. And this is the primary reason for portable water heaters coming at a high price rate when compared to regular water heaters.

The advantage of having a mobile water heater system is that it gives room for flexibility. You can easily switch to any available source without wasting much time. For regular water heaters, power can only come from one source. It is either powered by gas, electric or propane.

2. Another significant difference between these two units is that the mobile water heater has its cold water inlet connection on the side and the hot water inlet connection is located on the top of the system.

For a regular water heater, the reverse is the case.  All the water inlet connections, both the hot and the cold are located on the top of the tank.

3. And lastly, another feature that differentiates the mobile home water heater from the conventional water heater is that when you are purchasing a mobile water heater, there is always the presence of a securing strap kit.

For the regular water heater, this kit is most of the time not present with the system, and there is always the need for a user to purchase this item separately.

The significant advantage of having a strap kit is that it makes the installation of the water heater easy and straightforward. With it, a user would not need to waste much time energy installing this unit, and there would be no need of contacting a plumber for installation.

However, it is essential to know that plumbing in mobile homes is quite different from plumbing in regular homes. That is, portable home water heaters, most of the time, have complicated installation procedures, unlike the regular water heaters that are simple to understand and put into place.

Likewise, the mobile home water heater comes with unique designs and features that make it more expensive than a regular home water heaters.

Therefore, before choosing any other the two, you must first consider which one will give you the maximum satisfaction you want at a favorable rate. 

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