How Do You Stop a Bathtub Overflow DIY 2020?


If you are looking for an answer to the question: “how do you stop a bathtub overflow diy?”, you have come to the right place!

Not just toilets and sinks run the risk of clogging and overflowing, but also the tub’s drainage system. It can create a huge mess and damage your indoor floor as well as other appliances. 

Well, rest assured! This ultimate guide will lead you closer to the solution of the question: “how do you stop a bathtub overflow diy?” 

Let’s get right into it, shall we? 

Detailed Instruction On How Do You Stop A Bathtub Overflow Diy

Step 1: Switch Off The Water Source

It will be hard to fix a bathtub drain with a bunch of water still in it. Therefore, you will need to cut off the water supply from either your faucet or your shower immediately. Make sure to do this step before setting out to fix anything. 

Step 2: Take Out The Water From Your Bathtub.

Use a small bucket or a pitcher to take out as much water as possible from your bathtub. You can bring this water outdoors to discard them or dispose of them through your sink and toilet. 

Step 3: Inspect Your Drain.

When you have bailed out a great deal of water, examine your drain for any obvious debris. 

If you can spot visible objects that obscure the water flow, use a small rod or a stick to pick it out. Make sure to have protective gloves on to prevent any injuries. 

Step 4: Use A Plunger To Clear Off The Clog.

When there is no detectable debris clogging your drain, get a plunger and start pressurizing the clog. 

If you don’t notice any clear up, keep trying. It might take a bit longer to unclog the bathtub drain because its design constructs a vacuum eject, which results in more plunging efforts. 

Step 5: Use Chemicals To Dissolve The Clog.

After plunging for a while and there is still no result, let’s opt for the chemicals method.

There are chemicals made specifically for unclogging the drain that you can easily find at the store. They work by forming a chemical reaction with whatever blocks your water flow and dissolve them. 

It would be best to read the instruction thoroughly and put on protective equipment like gloves and goggles before getting into work since these chemicals are very toxic. 

Step 6: Use A Snake To Pull The Clog Out.

If none of the above methods helped, you have got the most stubborn clog blocking your drain. 

Now is the time to pull out your final weapon – the drain auger, more commonly known as the snake. 

Push the auger’s head down the drain until it touches the obstacle. Start rotating the snake a few times, and it will intertwine with the blockage. Then apply a bit force to pull the auger’s head out of the drain, and with it, the clog. 

Turn on your faucet and let the water run for a couple of minutes to ensure you have success unclogging the drain. 

Additional Tips On How Do You Stop A Bathtub Overflow Diy

If you find our answer to the question: “how do you stop a bathtub overflow diy” not sufficient, we want to add some more tips that will give you further assistance. 

  • Covering your bathtub drain right away after using it will prevent any hard objects from falling down your drainage system. 
  • Clean off as much hair as possible, and keep your bathtub clean at all times. Even though the drain cover will block most hair, some strands will still get through, accumulate, and eventually create clogs.
  • Keep most oily substances away from your bathtub drain. Because oil, fats, and grease tend to clump up in your drainage line and attach debris, which will result in blockage. 
  • If you have children, it would be best not to let them bring small toys to the bathtub. You would reduce the risk of the toys being flushed down the drainage system and clog it. If that happens, you will need the help of a professional to unclog your drain. 

Final Words

Hopefully, this article helps you answer the question: how do you stop a bathtub overflow DIY

Remember, prevention is always important. Therefore, take as many preventive measures as you can, and if your drains ever clog again, now you know what to do to unclog them.

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