Copper Pipe Too Short For Tub Spout

Coming to the bathroom, there may be two, three, or more tabs installed in the bathroom so problems with water pipes are easy to happen. 

You may have to replace the copper pipe of the tub spout, or you must move to a new place for some reason. And you have a problem with it, especially the copper pipe too short for tub spout. Then you need to repair or buy a new one, so what will be the solution that best suits you.

With our detailed information and action suggestions, you can easily fix this hassle issue with your own hands. 

Let’s see!

Two Ways To Fix Copper Pipe Too Short For Tub Spout

  1. Way 1: Replace Short Copper Pipe With New One

If you are not a professional and find repairs such a burden, it is best to replace a completely new copper tube. If your copper tube is too old, we recommend that you replace it completely to save more money.

It is not too difficult to remove and replace a new gravure, you can follow our suggestions below:

  • Turn off the main lock valve of water
  • Use a measuring tape to determine the required pipe length and cut
  • Use a polishing agent to clean the material and provide the necessary teeth for a solid connection.
  • Fit the pieces and rotate the hose in the fitting to distribute the flow and ensure safety.
  • Solder connection
  • Check for leaks or not

The copper pipe we introduce below could be the right one for you to look for a new copper pipe. Typically, you can try considering the Mueller GIDDS-203316. 

Mueller is renowned for providing a wide selection of copper pipes to suit your needs. The copper pipe product that we introduce to you is a product with high flexibility when used for conventional to high-end plumbing systems. Copper pipes supplied by Mueller have a complete selection of flexible grade copper coils for plumbing applications and might be utilized with Brass, Sweat, flare accessories, or compression.

  1. Way 2: Lengthen The Copper Pipe By Using Connected Pipe

There are two reasons why you should use an adapter instead of replacing a new copper tube: Your copper pipe is still new, and you don’t want to replace it to save money. In addition, you are an experienced person in plumbing repairs.

If you are wondering how to use this connector correctly, check out our suggestion below:

  • Step 1: Select the right size of the connected pipe
  • Step 2: Cut the copper pipe square. Mark the copper pipe to the correct insertion depth.
  • Step 3: Push connect pipe into the copper pipe and fit together up to the depth mark.
  • Step 4: Only when the pipe has passed through the o-ring and reaches the tube stop is the secure joint created.

The list of connected copper pipes we introduce below could be the right one for you if you are looking for a connected copper pipe:


SharkBite gives you a connected pipe that you can use easily. You do not need to use various tools such as welding machines, bending tools, or glue to connect it. Instead, what you need to do is simply push it into the copper pipe to create a closed bond between the old and new copper pipe.

Besides, SharkBite also offers you many different sizes so that you can easily choose the right size for your copper pipe. Furthermore, this fitting is made of high-quality DZR brass and is completely unleaded, so it not only has a longer lifespan than conventional fittings but is also safe when you use them for drinking water.

Supply Giant

DZR forged brass is the raw material that Supply Giant has used to manufacture this type of fitting. Just like SharkBite’s adapter for quick installation without any tools. So its advantage is that it will save you a lot of time as money. However, the company has limited the fitting size, so you will not have too many choices to buy this type of pipe.


Unfortunately, your gravure is short compared to the nozzle of a faucet. However, do not worry too much because we believe that you will find the fastest and most suitable solution after reading our article on how to deal with the copper pipe too short for tub spout above. Stay tuned for more new information from us.

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