Difference Between Mobile Home Water Heater and Regular Water Heater

Getting a new water heater for your home can be a little bit difficult, especially if you are in search of the best. This is because there are thousands of water heaters in that market today and differentiating one product from another can be a task you would spend an extended period doing.

However, one of those things you must have a full understanding about is the difference between a mobile home water heater and a regular water heater. Many users usually refer to these two systems as the same. Knowing what differentiates these two products would do a lot of benefits when choosing a water heater for your home.

What is a mobile home water heater?

Mobile home water heaters are also known as a manufactured home water heaters. This water heater refers to a compact living space device that is meant for people and family who are on the move. This water heater came into existence with the National Manufacturing Housing Construction and Safety Act of 1974 in the United States.

These types of water heater are referred to as the standard ones for mobile homes. As a result of this, the US Department of Housing and Urban Development laid down some set of standards for a water heater to be regarded as a mobile home water heater.

Some of the rules include. One of the significant standards states that only HUD-approved water heaters will be used. And the water heaters that meet the HUD standards must have some of these characteristics.

  • Must have a non-adjustable temperature and pressure relief (TPR) valve.
  • It is approved by a significant national rating agency as compliant with HUD standards for energy efficiency.
  • A corrosion resistant catch pan and drain to the exterior necessary under the water heater.
  • Water heater required to be secured in place, usually by a strap system.
  • Most of the time side plumbed for cold water inlet.

What are the differences?

Why many users of these products make mistakes distinguishing between the two is that both looks literally alike and sometimes perform the same functions with each other. However, there are three main differences between these two units.

These are:

1. One of the significant differences between these two water heaters is that the mobile home water heater combines both propane and gas power to produce efficient heated water. And this is the primary reason for portable water heaters coming at a high price rate when compared to regular water heaters.

The advantage of having a mobile water heater system is that it gives room for flexibility. You can easily switch to any available source without wasting much time. For regular water heaters, power can only come from one source. It is either powered by gas, electric or propane.

2. Another significant difference between these two units is that the mobile water heater has its cold water inlet connection on the side and the hot water inlet connection is located on the top of the system.

For a regular water heater, the reverse is the case.  All the water inlet connections, both the hot and the cold are located on the top of the tank.

3. And lastly, another feature that differentiates the mobile home water heater from the conventional water heater is that when you are purchasing a mobile water heater, there is always the presence of a securing strap kit.

For the regular water heater, this kit is most of the time not present with the system, and there is always the need for a user to purchase this item separately.

The significant advantage of having a strap kit is that it makes the installation of the water heater easy and straightforward. With it, a user would not need to waste much time energy installing this unit, and there would be no need of contacting a plumber for installation.

However, it is essential to know that plumbing in mobile homes is quite different from plumbing in regular homes. That is, portable home water heaters, most of the time, have complicated installation procedures, unlike the regular water heaters that are simple to understand and put into place.

Likewise, the mobile home water heater comes with unique designs and features that make it more expensive than a regular home water heaters.

Therefore, before choosing any other the two, you must first consider which one will give you the maximum satisfaction you want at a favorable rate. 

Top 3 Best Orthopedic Pillows in 2019 – Complete Guide

The best orthopedic pillows will help you keep your spine neutral as it provides support not only to your neck and head but as well as your overall body.

The problem is that there are hundreds of orthopedic pillows in the market today and they are all claiming to be the best. So to make things easy for you, I have listed down three reliable orthopedic pillows you can choose from. Please keep on reading below.

Top 3 Best Orthopedic Pillows in 2019

Snuggle-Pedic Ultra-Luxury Bamboo Shredded Memory Foam

On top on our list is an Orthopedic pillow is manufactured and sold by Snuggle-Pedic, a popular brand which main focus is to help people sleep without any interruption and to wake up without any severe pains all over your body.

It’s actually made of shredded memory foam that guarantees the pad will never go flat. It also has an extra breathable cover that gives a luxury feel, what’s even great is that it’s machine washable.

CR COMFORT & RELAX Sleep Memory Foam Contour Pillow

Next, we have a contoured pillow that comes with a dip in the center to give you the best possible support to your shoulders and neck. Though some people find its shape to be a little off, those who’ve tried this pillow were actually pretty surprised how comfortable it is.

This single-piece memory foam will adapt to your shape while its gel infusion will help circulate the heat during the night; without a doubt, you will start to notice significant improvements for your aching shoulders or stiff neck.

Sleep Innovations Contour Memory Foam Pillow

Sleep innovation is another top brand in the industry and it has been designed to give you therapeutic support so you will never deal with another body pain when you wake up. It boasts memory foam that is well-known to adapt to your shoulder, head, and neck to relieve pressure off these points.

Another thing you will love about this pillow is that it comes in a therapeutic design that gives extra support as well as gentle alignment for your natural spine curve. But take note that this amazing pad is only recommended for those back and side sleepers.

Orthopedic Pillow Buyer’s Guide

There may be thousands of pillows out there, but only a few made it to the cut of being the best orthopedic pillow. So take some time to familiarize yourself with these features to make sure you get the most out of your orthopedic pillow.

1. Support

If you’re buying an orthopedic pillow due to a physical condition or a sleep disorder you’re suffering, then you have to consider the part of your body you want to support using the pillow. For instance, a neck orthopedic pillow is specifically designed to support your neck as well as your head and shoulders.

2. Adjustable Thickness

It’s highly recommended to pick a pillow that allows you to remove the inner layers for you to achieve the pillow’s right shape.

3. Cover

The pillow cover is also very important since it’s the one that sits closest your skin. Those that are made of breathable fabrics are your best bet to make sure you won’t spend the night feeling stuffy.

It would also be convenient to opt for a pillow with a removable cover since it will be easier to keep your pillow clean.

310 Shake Review

I’ve been hearing a lot of health enthusiast lately talking about 310 Shake as a healthy, nutritious and effective weight loss meal replacement shake. So it made me wonder if this product really works.I’ve even seen celebrities drinking this shake, so there must really be something with 310 shakes.

Anyway, today I decided to review this product. Let’s find out if 310 shake is the real deal or it is just like every other meal replacement shake.

What Does the 310 Shake Claims?

310 Shakes claim that it is not like any other meal replacement shakes you’ve tried.

This popular meal replacement shake is made by 310 nutrition and debuted in 2003. According to 310 Nutrition, this shake is “absolute best of the best” since it will not only help you lose weight but it can also give you a healthy fresh start, so it is perfect for anyone who wants to develop a functional and healthier lifestyle.

What Are the Nutrition You Will Get From 310 Shake?


There are 90 calories per serving of 310 Shakes, but what’s impressive is that none of these calories are coming from fat! Yes, you heard it right, this meal replacement shake is 100% fat-free.


Protein is the key ingredient of 310 Shake. There are 15 grams of protein in every scoop of this product. It features its use of a special protein supplement called TriPlex Protein Complex.

TriPlex refers to the three main types of protein found in the 310 Shake. These are:

  • Whey protein concentrate
  • Milk protein concentrate
  • Whey protein isolate

What’s great about these protein sources is that they are all high in quality. This is because they contain a full range of amino acids, and are considered to have high bioavailability; this means you will be able to absorb almost all of the protein from these sources.

Other protein content includes:

  • Pea Protein Powder.  This helps you stay full since and even claims to help you reduce your cravings for anything sweet. It is also great for muscle building.
  • Brown Rice Protein. This can help increase weight loss and speeds up muscle recovery after working out.


In combination with protein, fiber is another key ingredient of 310 Shake. There are 5 grams of fiber in every scoop of this product which is already 20% of your daily required fiber intake. According to the FDA, any product with 20% or more fiber is already high so 310 Shake is being considered to be a high fiber shake.

310 Shake’s fiber is being sourced from what is called as “Fiber Blend”. This blend is composed of following ingredients:

  • Fibersol-2.
  • Cellulose Gum
  • Xanthan gum


Here’s another area where 310 Shakes excel most when compared with other meal replacement shakes, this product features a vast array of vitamins and minerals.

  • Niacin. This will help you reduce bad cholesterol but at the same time increase your production of good cholesterol.
  • Folate. This improves your brain function and uplifts your mood.
  • Biotin. This promotes healthy nails and skin
  • Riboflavin. This will help burn even more fat.
  • Pantothenic Acid. This will help your body convert food into energy.
  • Probiotics. This has been added to improve the shake’s digestibility and also to help with immune support. It now contains 1 Billion CFU of Probiotics in every serving to provide good bacteria to your gut for it to function optimally.
  • Vitamin A, B, B6, B12, C, D, and E. This makes sure that we can keep a good immune, cardiovascular and digestive system function, which is a big help for our goal to lose weight and at the same time prevent illness and diseases.

Greens Blend

To add even more nutrients, 310 Shakes includes greens blend that comes from the powerful superfoods.

  • Broccoli
  • Spinach
  • Kale
  • Spirulina
  • Cracked cell chlorella
  • Pomegranate extract
  • Alfalfa juice powder
  • Beet juice

Is 310 Shake an Effective Appetite Suppressant?

After checking out the ingredients, it is easy to determine how beneficial this product is from blocking and suppressing appetite, making it ideal for anyone in the diet. Thanks to the TriPlex protein, there are no any issues with keeping both active and inactive consumers from feeling full for about 3 to 4 hours after drinking 310 Shakes.

What’s even great is that the product is easy on the stomach, this is because it has high absorption ratios.

How Does 310 Shake Taste?

310 shakes are currently available in four different flavors, these are Mocha, Vanilla, Chocolate, and Strawberry. This product actually used to have the advantage when it comes to taste; however, ever since they changed their recipe, the flavor has been compromised.

310 shakes now consistently receive negative reviews in the taste category, some users even report that it comes with a different and unpleasant aftertaste. This is most likely because it now contains less than a gram of sugar in every serving and is fat-free and with fewer carbs. Well, at least the new recipe is now much healthier.

Anyway, when it comes to consistency, 310 shakes come with thicker consistency but it is not chalky. I noticed that it mixed well with other beverages too. I tried blending this shake with my favorite fruits and vegetables. I also tried adding almond milk to the drink in an attempt to hide its taste. So far, it blends well, it doesn’t clump when mixed. Though I wasn’t able to fully hide the taste, it at least made a significant difference.

So if you want to give 310 shakes a try, I suggest you take this route as well. You can also use coconut milk instead of almond milk.

Final Thought

I hope this review will help you decide if the 310 Shake is right for you. If you want to try out this product, head on to this link to make your purchase: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B06VW9QDSF. Though I think 310 Shakes is a little bit pricey, it is, without doubt, a great deal considering the greatness of this product can provide.

So what do you think? Is this meal replacement shake a good investment? Let me know in the comment section below.

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Vega One Shake Review

There are so many people I know that is becoming interested with Vega One meal replacement shake since they want to shred some pounds, keep their weight healthy and improve quality  of their overall life. If you are one of them, then you should know if this nutrition shake is really a good choice.

In this Vega One Shake review, I will help you learn everything that you need to know to help you make a good buying decision.

If you want to know how effective Vega One is? If you are wondering if it is capable of providing you enough nutrition that you need, then please keep on reading below!

What Is Vega One Nutritional Shake?

Vega One has been founded by the Canadian company Sequel Natural LTD which maintains sustainable practices and owns a website that features plenty of healthy tips and recipes. They created this 150-calorie meal replacement shake from plant-based protein alone. What I like about this product is that it provides high amount of amino acids without sourcing out from other proteins like dairy. And most of all, this shake is vegan friendly.

Vega One claims that most of the ingredients they used are organic, though it has not yet been certified to be organic yet. But I take a closer look with its ingredients and I can say that overall the product seems to be wholesome.

What Are the Nutrition You Will Get From Vega One?


Vega One has 20 grams of protein per serving to which is just the right amount help repair and build strong muscles. This is equivalent to as much as 3 ½ medium-sized eggs. Furthermore, Vega One only offers signature-blended protein that is plant-based that includes essential amino acids.

  • Saviseed protein. This is a high protein seed that contains good amount of  omega-3 fatty acids
  • Sprouted whole grain brown rice protein
  • Hemp seed protein. Though hemp protein has been known for not blending well and its bad taste, it is essential to prevent lean muscle breakdown. It also has amino acids and is high in fiber.
  • Pea protein. This is made from pea legumes and is an excellent vegan protein source


There are 7 grams of fiber in each serving of Vega One or about 27% of your required fiber daily intake. This is very important since it helps in keeping our blood sugar into normal levels as well as in maintaining a healthy bowel movement.  Fiber is also the one responsible in keeping you feel full and reducing hunger to help you control and manage your weight.

  • Pea
  • Flaxseed. This is a good source of Omega-3 Fatty acids.
  • Inulin


Vega One provides 6 servings of green which have been made from many best greenies like spirulina, spinach leaf, alfalfa grass, chlorella, kale, brcolli and. They provide outstanding health benefits, particularly to the metabolism, since these are excellent sources of fiber.

Minerals and Vitamins

Vega One can provide more than half of the mineral and vitamins of your body’s required vitamin intake to make sure your body receives enough amount of nutrients to stay healthy.


What’s even more is that Vega One is loaded with antioxidants. It contains about 3 cups of antioxidants. It provides the benefits of mangosteen, grape seed extract, acai berries and pomegranate seed.

And I’m sure you’d also be happy to know that Vega One shakes are free from artificial flavors, colors and sweeteners as well as soy, dairy and gluten. It also does not contain any sugar. It uses stevia extract instead, an all-natural sweetener that comes with zero calories but is 200 times sweeter than sugar.

Is Vega One an Effective Appetite Suppressant?

Appetite suppression is an important feature of any meal replacement shakes. What’s great is that Vega One can efficiently control your hunger for about 2 hours up to maximum of 4 hours. I like how this meal replacement shake eases you into a hungry state rather than making you feel starving after 2 to 3 hours like most shakes do.

This is because Vega One provides high filler level to make you feeling full for a longer period of time.

How Does Vega One Taste?

Vega One Shake comes in five different flavors and since it is using nothing but premium ingredients, all flavors are without a doubt delicious.

Available flavors are Natural, Chocolate, French Vanilla, Vanilla Chai and Mixed Berry. I highly recommend chocolate and French Vanilla flavors for starters, they are actually the most popular flavors while natural flavored shake is the least favorite among users.

When it comes to texture and consistency, Vega One offers nothing but the best.  If you are someone who does not enjoy nutritional shakes that come in thick consistency and grainy texture, then you need to try out this product. Vega One uses all-natural ingredients and does not contain any foods that have been refined, so the shakes they produce are smooth and refined.

How Much Will Vega One Cost You?

Vega One is $19.99 for a small tub or $1.25 per ounce while large tub will cost you $39.99 or $1.29 per ounce. This makes it one of the most expensive meal replacements on the market. It is most likely because of all its useful organic ingredients.

Final Thought

Overall, Vega One is a good meal replacement shake.  Though it is much expensive compared to similar shakes, the benefits you will get from it is worth the price. I love the fact that it does not contain any artificial sweeteners and flavors, and most of its ingredients are organic. Its amount of protein is also impressive.

So if you want an all-natural shake as a replacement to your meals, Vega One is absolutely an excellent choice. Head on to this link to buy this product: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0079BZDK0

What do you think? Do you agree with this? Let me know your thoughts by sharing it below in the comment section.

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Steak and Egg Diet: What is It and How to Do It?

The first time I heard about the steak and egg diet, I must admit I got a bit confused. I mean, how could you lose weight just by eating steaks and eggs?

But do you know that this approach has become popular among people who want to gain some muscle mass and at the same time maintain it? Now I would like to believe that this diet is powerful.

So in this article, we are going to take a deeper look at what this diet is really about and whether or not it lives up to the hype that it comes with. Are you ready? Then please keep on reading below.

What Is Steak and Egg Diet and How to Do it?

This diet has been developed and popularized by Vince Gironda; hence, it is also often referred to as Vince Gironda diet. He originally created this diet particularly for bodybuilding to help bodybuilders reduce fat at the same time bulk up their muscles.

This diet is already considered to be an old-school bodybuilding approach, but it is still today’s efficient way to build muscle without having the need for any steroids or protein supplements. The bonus is that it is very easy to do; all you will ever need is to eat steak and eggs – one mean during the day and another one during the afternoon or night (as long as it is not past 7PM). That’s all! You are recommended to eat between 3/4 lb and 1 ½ lb of steak combined with four to six eggs in every meal. You can cook the steak and eggs any way like.

For your eggs, you can have it scrambled, sunny side up, fried in butter or hard-boiled. Hard-boiled is probably the quickest way to do it and is very filling that it will help you experience lesser hunger pangs.

For your steak, I guess the fastest way to do it is by grilling it with a good chunk of butter. Generously add some salt and pepper or whatever season you like to taste, like garlic powder a pinch of paprika or garlic powder; don’t worry it won’t affect your diet.

Steak and Egg Diet: Tips on How to Do it Effectively!

Now, why is this diet effective? It can actually be compared to a ketogenic diet, one of the today’s most effective diets, which is defined as high fat, low carb diet. It has been designed to bring your body into a ketosis state where your body burns more fats.

Steak and egg diet also allows you to go through intermittent fasting. For instance, you have taken your first meal around 8 AM and your second one around 3 PM, this means from 3 PM to 8 AM the next day, you are effectively fasting for a total of 17 hours. This is a great way to drop extra fat quickly. So make sure you don’t eat during this period so you won’t break your fast.

Anyway, I’ve listed down below some of the tips you can follow to get better results as soon as possible.

1. Don’t eat anything in-between your two meals. Whenever you take even a little bit of carbs, your insulin level will rise and will momentarily block your body’s state of ketosis. So make sure you stick to a strict diet plan.

2. Take a fiber supplement. Since you won’t be able to get much fiber from steak and eggs, it is recommended that you incorporate a fiber supplement into your diet.

3. Have some cheat day. What’s great about this approach is that you are given a day to eat whatever you like. Yes, you heard it right! You are free to eat that chocolate sundae you’ve been craving for or that pizza you think you deserve after a long week of a diet. You can do this after you have strictly followed the steak and egg diet for five days. In this way, you’ll be able to get some other nutrients into your body as well as to refuel on carbs.

But I highly suggest that you only stick to nutrient-dense healthy foods for best results.

4. Vary your diet. It would be best if you could tailor your consumption of steak and eggs according to your calorie needs. So if you are someone who exercises extensively, then you have to eat more than someone who doesn’t exercise much.

5. Choose your drinks. You are not allowed to drink soda or even diet soda. You can’t have juice either. If you want some coffee, just make sure to keep it to a couple of cups and without sugar. Majority of your fluid intake should be water, drink plenty of it if possible! This will help you avoid constipation. Remember that you will no longer be eating some carbs; low-carb diets have been known to be the one of the reasons of constipation. So I suggest you also spend some time to learn how to ease low-carb diet constipation.

6. Salt your food. Since you are no longer eating as many carbs as you used to, your body will be eliminating a lot of water. This is because when we get a low amount of carbs, our insulin levels will go down and there will no longer be anything that will stop the extraction of water. Not only that, you will also lose electrolytes.

The best way to stop this is by salting your food. I recommend you use quality salt like Pink Himalayan salt. Then make sure you keep track of the common symptoms of electrolyte deficiency such as diarrhea, abdominal cramping, and lightheadedness. If you have any of these symptoms, use more salt or drink some water with extra salt.

7. Keep on working out. Since this diet will result in a very quick massive loss of fat, there’s a tendency that you might also lose your lean body mass. Make sure to squeeze in some work out every day to prevent this from happening.

8. Make your diet enjoyable. Most of my friends don’t want to try this diet just because they are afraid they’d get bored along the way. So I shared with them my secret on how to keep this diet exciting.

You can simply experiment with different cooking method for your steak. Find a couple of ways you can do your steak and alternate them. For me, I do my best to have one recipe every day within the five-day duration. I personally love cooking my steak with butter or season it with so much pepper. I always make sure that I keep things interesting, the ways are limitless.

9. Hang in there! You might encounter some problems after switching to this diet. Of course, you already got used to eating three to five meals a day so there will obviously be an adjustment as you switch to eating two meals a day. Don’t worry; the difficulties will only be temporary.

You will most likely start seeing results within several weeks, depending on your health condition, age, and sex. You might even be able to get rid of that stubborn belly fat for as short as two to three weeks.

However, if you are currently overweight, pay extra attention to losing too much fat so quickly since this may result in hanging skin. Of course, we don’t want that to happen. I suggest you practice this diet in phases, perhaps by dieting for a couple of weeks with timeouts in between.

Benefits of Steak and Egg Diet

1. You will less likely feel hunger pangs. Once you will be able to successfully adjust to this diet, you will notice how rarely you get hungry. This is because steak and egg are loaded with proteins and fats that are very satisfying. Protein can keep us full than your favorite carbs.

2. This diet will increase mental focus and alertness. When we eat carbs, we produce glucose that can strongly fluctuate our blood sugar and might make you crash in the middle of the day. Replacing glucose with fat as primary fuel will give you a stable source of energy keeping you more motivated and productive.

3. You’ll get rid of your water weight immediately. The very first thing you’ll notice when going on this diet is how massive your water drop is. This will amount to some initial weight loss. You might even notice a lessening of edema in your legs if you have some.

Final Thought

So if you are someone who wants to naturally burn some body fat and to lose weight, I highly recommend steak and egg diet to you. But you have to be aware that this diet is no fun at all. Later on, you might find yourself already disgusted from eating the same food over and over and again. But once you start seeing the result, you’d thank me for recommending this diet to you.

Anyway, I hope you learned something new today. If you still have any more questions about this approach, don’t hesitate to drop your question in the comment section below. I’d do my best to give you the answer.

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